Understanding Web Conferencing in Microsoft Online Services

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Microsoft Communications Online

Office 365 Web Conferencing

This article will assist you as you explore the basic Web conferencing features in the Office 365 Web Conferencing service. Be sure to follow these procedures in the order that they are presented.

Task One: Open Live Meeting from within the Admin Center

As an Office 365 administrator, you will typically access Office Live Meeting through the MS Online Services Admin Center.

Steps to open up Live Meeting from within the Admin Center

  • Go to the Admin Center and sign in with your service admin user name and password.
  • On the Service Settings tab, select the Live Meeting subtab.
  • In the Live Meeting settings pane, select Administer Live Meeting.The Microsoft Office Live Meeting My Home page opens.
You should open Office Live Meeting only through the link in the Administration Center. Do not access Office Live Meeting directly through its URL.

Task Two: Set Up Live Meeting for Your Organization

It is important to set up Office Live Meeting for your firm before any of your users begin using the system.

Steps to setting up Live Meeting for your company

  1. On the Office Live Meeting  My Home page, in the navigation pane on the left, select Account.
  2. On the Account Administration Home page, click an Account option and configure it as necessary for your company.
    • Groups: Simplify the meeting invitation process by creating groups of project-related people in your company. This makes it possible to add one entity to your invitations instead of multiple people.
    • Roles and Policies: Edit default settings for a variety of roles and policies for Office Live Meeting .
    • Storage: Delete and restore saved meetings so as to maintain your company’s storage limit.
    • Account Preferences: Select your time zone, meeting size, and audio and invitation preferences.
  3. When you have finished, select My Home.

Task Three: Open Live Meeting from within the Sign In Application

Although you will usually open up Office Live Meeting from the Admin Center, you can also open the program from your Sign In application.

Steps to open Live Meeting from within the Sign In application

  1. Open the Microsoft Online Services Sign In application and sign in.
  2. On the Home tab, select Web Conferencing.

The Office Live Meeting My Home page opens.

Task Four: Begin an Office 365 Meet Now Meeting

Meet Now meetings are useful when users need an immediate group discussion or presentation. With a Meet Now meeting, users don’t have to wait or schedule. They can just open an online meeting space and invite others to join.

Steps to starting a Meet Now meeting

  1. On the Office Live Meeting My Home page, in the navigation pane on the left, click Meet Now.
    If you would like to set up Meet Now options before you open a Meet Now session, click Meet Now Details on the My Home page, and then click Meet Now Options. You can also set these options after your Meet Now session begins.

  2. In the Meet Now window, click Attendees, click Invite, and then select By E-mail.
  3. In the Outlook message window, in the To box, enter the names of your attendees or presenters, and then select Send.

As you wait for your attendees and presenters to join the Meet Now meeting, you can prepare for your meeting.

Task Five: Schedule a Live Meeting in Office 365

Scheduled meetings are very useful when users need to ensure that your attendees and presenters will be available.

Steps to scheduling a Live Meeting

  1. On the Office Live Meeting My Home page, in the navigation pane on the left, select Schedule Meeting.
  2. On the Schedule Meeting page, provide information for your Office Live Meeting .
  3. Near the bottom of the page, select Meeting Options to configure specific options for your meeting.
  4. When you have finished configuring your options, select OK.
  5. When you are ready to send your invitations, select Send Invitations.

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