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Office 365 (BPOS) Reduces IT Costs

Microsoft CRM 2011 has changed the landscape of small business. Now it has become clear that even small and medium sized business (SMB’s) are able to pay for the same business software systems that are implemented by large enterprises. This places these smaller businesses on the same competitive level with large businesses.

In this article we will discuss how implementing Office 365 reduces costs.

It is not unusual that smaller organizations outsource their IT staff. Thus, they have to pay by the hour/project for any installation and support of IT systems. The typical hourly rates for these services are very high, so many small businesses avoid such risks of implementing complex IT systems.

Microsoft has designed Office 365 (BPOS) with exactly such an infrastructure in mind. Any cloud based Office software is less difficult to maintain – allowing owners and managers more availability to manage their business rather than fighting through complex technical issues.

Higher TCO via Guaranteed Uptime

In Office 365, Microsoft offers a “Financially Backed 99.9% Uptime Guarantee.” Thus, Microsoft guarantees that Office 365 is available 99.9% of the scheduled uptime. You might wonder how scheduled uptime is defined. This is the amount of time that Microsoft communicates to the users Office 365 will be available. There will be time that Microsoft requires to make the service unavailable due to maintenance of the system, yet this will be communicated to the subscribers in advance - and this is typically outside the business hours.

In reality, this is an impressive service level agreement. If any of your organization’s business systems have been down for more than 36.5 hours in a year, your business or IT vendor has not kept that commitment.

Therefore, for a monthly fee of $6 per user per month for small business and $24 per user per month for enterprise, your organization can shift the full responsibility of the upkeep of your email service (Microsoft Exchange), SharePoint system and Office communications supported by Lync.

Also, if your firm has IT-level support related questions concerning Office 365 (BPOS) products, they can contact Microsoft in the following ways:

Office 365 (BPOS) for Small Business Plan

At $6 per user per month, this plan will include 24 x 7 moderated community based support. If you choose this plan your staff won’t be able to call a Microsoft support center for help. They will have to either search the community based support site for an answer, or post their own question to the support website. Although this is not ideal, and there is normally a delay of at least a few hours to 24 hours for a replies, it is pretty good value for $6/month/user. Because Office 365 (BPOS) will be very popular, the support website will have many active users. You will find your answers fairly rapidly when the website gets up and running.

Office 365 for Enterprise Plan

At $24 per user per month, this plan will include 24 x 7 IT-level phone support. This is the ideal solution for business as troubleshooting problems with a professional on the phone is often the quickest way to see your issue resolved. What great value, especially if you compare what you currently pay for support calls and call outs using your existing support staff or IT vendors.

It is clear that Office 365 (BPOS) has set a high standard in IT support. Guaranteeing uptime as well as providing great support options to SMB’s at such reasonable prices has changed the rules for small to medium businesses. Rather than standing on the sideline and watching big businesses with more capital gain the benefit of new technology, SMB’s are now able to implement the very latest technology at a fraction of the cost, fully supported by Microsoft.

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